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3 Tips on Avoiding Mold in High-Risk Areas of Your Condo

If you’ve ever seen the ominous black substance on your walls or ceiling, you were probably pretty grossed out. These days, more research is coming out too on the long term negative effects of mold on human health.

Mold basically needs an environment that stays moist to thrive. It’s easy to take some steps to prevent it from growing in your condo.

Use your bathroom fan every time you shower.

The area of highest moisture in your condo is the bathroom. Anytime you take a shower, a ton of moisture is released from the water into the air as vapor. The fan is there to pull this moisture out and direct it outside before it can do any damage.

Keep an eye on the ceilings.

If you notice a wet spot on your ceiling, don’t just assume its a random occurrence that will dry out. In the right environment, it only takes 48 hours or so to develop the first signs of mold. Ideally, you want to remedy the leak in the ceiling to avoid bigger issues.

Watch for kitchen leaks.

After the bathroom, the kitchen is the next most likely area for mold to develop. Watch the areas around the kitchen sink and around your dishwasher, where repeated moisture can create the perfect conditions for mold.

If you notice a spot that you suspect might be mold, it’s a good bet to let your building manager know about it, just so we can check it out and stop it before it turns into a bigger issue.

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