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Building Landscaping: Cost-Effective Solutions

Like the exterior of your building, the landscaping around your building is one of the first things people see and form opinions about. As a property manager, your goal with landscaping is to enhance the building’s exterior while keeping the landscaping as affordable as possible.
First, it pays to work with a company that has experience with building landscapes, such as a landscape architect or a landscaping company that also does design. This will enable you to create a landscape that maximally enhances your building’s exterior at a cost that’s as low as possible.
When implementing your design, focus on cost-effective plants that don’t require too much in the order of maintenance and don’t require constant watering. Perennials are an improvement over annuals, for obvious reasons. Consider ease of irrigation when deciding which areas of the landscape will be grass, mulch, and gravel.
Last but not least, the amount of money you’re going to spend installing your landscaping will pale in comparison to the amount you’re going to spend in ongoing maintenance costs, so strike up a partnership with a landscaping company you trust at a price point you can afford.
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