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Building Maintenance: The Little Things Do Matter

Building Maintenance: The Little Things Do Matter

One of the property management company’s main jobs is to keep the buildings it manages in good physical condition. In our blog posts, we have usually focused on crucial maintenance tasks and the essential seasonal upkeep required to avoid emergencies. However, some of the property manager’s work is much more routine – from ensuring walkways are accessible to replacing light fixtures and common appliances.

Perceptions are important, and the things that make a difference in how your building is perceived can be the smallest things. For example, when someone walks into a building, they first things they’ll likely notice are the condition of the landscaping, the functionality and cleanliness of the entrance, and any burnt out light fixtures. These things, while superficial and not reflective of the actual condition of the building, will subtly affect how everyone views the property: from tenants and owners to appraisers and potential buyers.

Keeping a balance between the behind-the-scenes crucial maintenance projects and the cosmetic to-do list can be a challenge, but it’s the mark of a good property manager. That isn’t to say that everything that breaks will instantly get fixed, especially when the property manager is in charge of multiple properties. That’s where a reliable way to report problems can help. If you’re a tenant or owner who spends time in the building on a regular basis, let the manager know about any issues you notice. Once the property manager is aware of the issue, he or she will be able to address it as soon as possible.


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