Building and Condo Maintenance

Why Maintenance to Building Exteriors is Crucial, and Not Only for Cosmetic Reasons

A building’s exterior is its calling card. It’s the first thing people notice and will shape their opinion of the structure. As such, a building’s exterior requires proper maintenance to keep it looking in top condition.

Painted Wood

With constant exposure to sun and rain, any painted wood will require periodical repainting. Typically, lighter colors require repainting sooner than darker colors. And when dealing with wood in general, it’s important to notice if any gaps have formed along the trim. As wooden boards naturally pull away from each other, caulking is necessary to prevent leaks into the structure.


A roof can be an easily ignored part of a building’s structure, as much of it can be out of the typical line of sight. But allowing debris to accumulate can cause discoloration or even deterioration. And while you’re looking upward…

Gutters & Drains

These are designed to keep water damage to a minimum. It’s important to keep them free of debris and in proper working order. Otherwise, they might be causing more harm than good to your structure, allowing water to pool in unlikely areas and creating the headaches that come along with water damage.

Without the proper care and upkeep, a building’s exterior can quickly fall into disrepair. Regular maintenance can prevent cosmetic and/or structural damage to exteriors.

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