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Make Your Closet More Efficient

Your closet can either be your favorite room in the house, or your biggest headache. Thankfully, employing a few simple tips and tricks can help salvage even the tightest of spaces.

Replace your traditional door
This tip is more of a favor to the space around your closet. If your apartment is limited in square footage, there’s not a lot of need to give up valuable real estate to a swinging door. Consider swapping out your closet door for a hanging curtain or a collapsible door.

Pare down your belongings
It’s pretty simple logic: you can increase your closet space if you put fewer things in your closet. Although it can be tough to split with sentimental clothing items, the “hanger trick” is a popular way to help the process.

Simply begin each season by reverse hanging (have the hooks pointing toward you) all the clothes in your closet. As you wear and re-hang clothes, hang them normally (with the hooks facing away from you).  At the end of the season, look at the clothing that is still hanging reversed—that’s a good sign it’s time to part ways.

Brighten the space
Make sure to use a quality light bulb in your closet. If the space is properly lit, you’ll be able to easily see all your belongings. Otherwise, you run the risk of forgetting all about the shoes collecting dust in a dark corner. And if it’s an awkward space, invest in a few of those “As Seen on TV” LED lights that you can stick anywhere.

And while you’re placing adhesive strips, consider adding a few hooks to the empty spaces along your walls. From there, you have endless possibilities—a new place for ties, scarves, hats, and the like.

An organized closet is a happy closet. Thankfully, with the help a few simple ideas, even the most disorganized person can find refuge in their closet space.

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