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Finding a Chicago Property Management Company in 2016: What to Look For

According to the rental technology provider, 54% of Chicagoans rent. A majority of those renters, the website says, are “generally tech savvy and between the ages of 18-35.” As you ponder your needs as an owner, here are a few technological offerings that you should look for when looking for the right property management company to manage your building in 2016.

A web/mobile interface that serves both renters and owners: This allows tenants to pay rent and request maintenance online. An online interface isn’t a luxury to renters, it’s a must-have. A survey conducted by the National Housing Council found that 78% of renters prefer to pay rent online.

Features that improve security: These offerings include improved methods of visitor tracking and more advanced monitoring of common areas. Digital entry through keycards and or pin codes allows the chance to track the comings and goings of residents and employees such as dog-walkers and babysitters.

A green-minded property manager: That’s green in terms of the environment and green in terms of saving you money. A property management company should heed advances in technology such as shower heads and faucets that save water, energy efficient light bulbs, and green blinds and curtains. Of course, good old-fashioned renter outreach—friendly reminders to turn off appliances and lights and to adjust the thermostat when possible—are also helpful. If you really want to cash in on green technology, consider talking with a property manager with experience using and installing solar panels.

The right property management company should be able to offer at minimum these services to show you it can provide tenants with the features they have by now come to expect.

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