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8 Simple Hacks To Save Energy And Money in Your Building

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Finally, it’s summer! But for your HOA, rising temperatures often mean rising energy costs for the warmer months. Here are some tips to ensure your building remains energy-efficient and cost-effective this summer.

Tips For Condo Owners:

Keep an eye on the thermostat

Did you know you can save energy by turning the thermostat up? If you want to save energy during summer, it’s good practice to set the facility thermostats somewhere between 76-78 degrees while in use and 85 degrees when nobody’s in the room to reduce your energy use. This may not make such a big difference immediately, but adds up over time.

Use fans

If heat gets trapped in your condo facilities, they will feel really hot and stuffy. This is why circulating air with ceiling fans is a good idea and will reduce indoor temperatures, as well as your monthly energy bill.

Insulate windows

Insulating windows is one of the best ways to keep common areas cool. You can also consider weatherstripping and installing shades or shutters to keep the heat out.

Use led light bulbs

Replace light bulbs in common areas with energy-efficient LED ones. LED bulbs generally last up to 10 years and produce less heat then fluorescents.

Replace outdated appliances

Think of how long existing appliances have been in use in your common areas. If they haven’t been replaced in the past decade, it’s likely that they aren’t energy efficient. Consider upgrading to Energy Star certified appliances to save money throughout the year. The same is true for HVAC systems. If the heating system is over 15 years old, it may be time to switch to more efficient models.

Tips For Homeowners Associations And Building Managers:

Consider investing in solar power

While switching to solar energy may mean big investment, it will significantly reduce energy costs in the long run. This is a long-term solution that will help your HOA be more energy-efficient all year round.

Inspect for broken pipes or sprinklers

During the summer, plants and grass need to be watered more frequently to keep the landscaping lush and vibrant. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting a beautiful lawn, having your irrigation system checked is important. Any broken pipes or sprinklers can lead to leaks, which, apart from causing water damages and encouraging mold growth, can cost your HOA a lot of money and will make you waste water.

Conduct an energy audit

Finally, conduct an energy audit for a comprehensive view of ways in which you can improve energy efficiency. A solid energy audit offers recommendations about weatherization strategies and tips on how to address energy-wasting behaviors, reduce water use, and improve irrigation strategies. It takes into account both short- and long-term financial benefits for the community and will have you consider easy, low-cost solutions along with longer-term capital projects.

Going greener and saving energy and money is not an easy process, but it’s definitely possible. With the proper planning and good measure of financial management, the change is achievable. If you have any questions about effectively maintaining an HOA or other residential property or would like an experienced company to guide you on your journey in becoming an eco-friendly HOA, contact us and request a proposal.

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