Building and Condo Maintenance

Is It an Emergency or a Maintenance Request?

How to Communicate with Your Building Manager

How do you know the difference between an emergency and a simple maintenance request for your property manager? A good rule of thumb is that if the issue will cause immediate further damage, then it’s an emergency. If not, it’s a maintenance request. Let’s look at a couple of examples to clarify.

Example 1
If you notice a continued water leak but can’t stop the issue, it’s considered an emergency. If you noticed it, but the issue has stopped and only damage repair remains, it would be a maintenance request. When it comes to rain, however, there isn’t much management can do until the rain stops. In that case, use buckets or towels to collect the rain and avoid further damage. You may email or call management in this case, but know they will likely wait until the rain stops before fixing the issue.

Example 2
You are locked out from the building or your unit. In a condominium without on-site management or security, this is likely your issue. Especially in smaller buildings, management usually does not have keys to the units. This would not be considered an emergency. In cases such as these, the you should call a neighbor within the building or a locksmith for their unit. A good management company will have approved or recommended locksmith’s for you to work with and this should include their contact information.

Example 3
If you see smoke in the building, this would be considered an emergency. Please don’t email us about this or send a maintenance request. Instead, call the fire department or 911 immediately and evacuate the building.

Safety should always come first. If you feel an issue may put someone in jeopardy, please consider it an emergency.

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