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Why Condo Owners Should Attend Association Meetings

A condo within an HOA and building is a part of a bigger picture, a unit that exists within a community and thus contributes to it. So it is important to check in with your community and neighbors, and stay up to date on changes in policy and process. You can do just that by attending your regularly scheduled association meetings.

If you haven’t gone to your association meetings yet, here are some reasons why you should go.

1. Learn about the other people in the community

Getting to know your community allows you to know and be able to trust your neighbors. It also makes it easier to solve conflicts among residents. Simply put, it’s just good to have people in your building you can count on.

2. Get to know the people in the association’s board

You can also get to know more about your building’s association by meeting the board members and directors. You can network within the community to foster prompt response when you need it. Creating relationships always has a positive impact, and all it costs you is a small chunk of time to attend the meetings.

3. Understand your association fees and how the money is invested in your building

You can learn important information about upcoming building projects and the ever-important question of what your monthly association fees are being spent on. You can also learn about the long term management plans for the building. This can be vital information for anyone who owns property in the community.

4. Share your opinions and suggestions

Association meetings are a great opportunity to share your ideas and feedback and make a space for yourself in the community.

5. Learn where the vision aligns, or does not align, with your own

You may get the sense that the board is on top of the problems with the building or you may realize that they seem overwhelmed. You may be the person who suggests they reach out to a property management company to streamline your building’s operations.

Whether you own the entire building, or just bought your first unit, contact us to discuss property management services. Our property managers maintain excellent contact with board members and residents, with prompt response times for hundreds of requests a day.

Whether your building is managed or not, having a dedicated property management company to consult and recommend services can be a decision that pays dividends on your property. Learn about our services offered for association management or request a proposal today.

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