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4 Things You Can Do to Avoid the Need for Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs are sometimes just that, an emergency. Often, however, these repairs are avoidable if we take certain precautions. Common areas are more than just an area used by everyone, they are an extension of your own home. If you notice something is not right, report the issue to Hales Property Management immediately by utilizing our online portal.

What can you do to avoid the need for emergency repairs? Take these four precautions:

  1. Running Water

If you hear running water, or see a water stain either on the ceiling, walls, or floor, report it to management right away. One of our issues we come across most often is a toilet that won’t stop running. Often owners don’t realize their toilet is running until it’s too late. Leaks may drip down into the unit below, causing water or structural damage. If an owner is gone all day or is on vacation, this can turn into an emergency. Please report this as soon as you notice an issue.

  1. Doors

When using doors and garage entryways, be sure to use caution and keep the area clear. Doors that become damaged over time may not shut or lock properly, causing a safety concern. If you experience a door sticking or not shutting correctly, be sure to fill out a maintenance request.

  1. Lighting and Electrical

A light that is out is usually not cause for immediate concern. However, taking the time to report it can prevent the need for an emergency resolution should more than one light go out, or if there’s an underlying electrical problem. If a light is out in the hall, entryway, or exterior of the building, be sure to report it. We’d rather hear from multiple owners than none at all.

  1. HVAC

Depending on the type of building you’re in, HVAC elements may fall under the common area of the building. If you have a problem with your heating or cooling, reporting it immediately can prevent further emergencies that lead to being without cool air in the scorching months of summer or without heat during the winter.

By taking the extra step to report issues as they arise and taking care of common areas, you can help prevent the need for emergency repairs for both you and the other residents.

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