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Breathe Easy: 5 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Breathe Easy 5 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

[fb_button]Humans spend a large portion of their lives indoors. Improving the air quality in your home will create a healthier indoor environment, reduce allergies, and generally make the time spend indoors much more pleasant.

Here are some tips for improving the quality of the air at home:

  1. Open a window. Weather permitting, there is no quicker or cheaper way to improve air quality than increasing the amount of outdoor air that comes into your home on a regular basis. At least during the warmer months, get into the habit of opening the windows for a few minutes every day.
  2. Replace carpet with other flooring. Carpet is comfy to walk on, but traps large amounts of dust particles that are impossible to remove even with the strongest vacuum cleaners. This dust is then released into the air on a continual basis. When wood floors collect dust, they merely require a wipe.
  3. Use VOC-free paint. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, elements present in household paint that are harmful to both human beings and the atmosphere. Thankfully, modern paints no longer need VOCs for good performance, so spring the extra few dollars for the VOC-free varieties.
  4. Use an air filter. Air filters come in all shapes, sizes, and costs. Keeping one, or a few, around will help you filter out the remainder of air pollutants in your home. Since air filters are usually left on most of the time, find one that is energy efficient.
  5. Get some plants. Indoor plants help to filter out the carbon dioxide humans produce when they breathe, and turn it back into oxygen. They also have the benefit of adding to the decor and smelling good. Think of them as organic air filters – only water required.


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