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Building Exterior Maintenance for Fall: 3 Things You Shouldn’t Ignore

Before the winter winds and snowfalls, it’s time to ensure the exterior of your building is ready with these three fall maintenance tips.

Fall is the time to check the roof before it’s laden with snow. Ensure the roof is free of damage, and check for loose or weak spots. Clear the gutters from any summer or fall debris to ensure they’re free and clear for water drainage. Additionally, consider installing heating cables specifically made for gutters. This prevents a freeze up and promotes ongoing ice and water drainage, rather than all at once when the ice thaws. Not only does a pre-winter roof check prevent any dangerous damage, it will extend the life of your roof.

Now is also the time to seal any cracks around doors and windows before the winter winds whip in and start sucking the heat out of the building. Be sure to check entry doors and common room windows, both from the inside and outside as well. Get the right caulk for the job if you find any leaks. For more information on types of caulk and what they mean for building maintenance, click here.

Finally, also check around the building foundation for any cracks in the masonry. If water gets in these cracks and freezes, it can lead to further cracks, ice damage, and mold. Openings in these areas can also lead to water leakage when the snow melts.

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