Building and Condo Maintenance

Building Maintenance by the Season: A Roadmap

Any property management company can tell you that building maintenance isn’t something that they’re ever “done” with—maintenance is a continual process that involves a tradeoff between the building’s condition and the building’s financial reserves. Here’s a season-by-season roadmap of the essential building maintenance property managers have to think about.


Winter is not a great time to do actual maintenance. It’s time for two other things: fast repairs that need to happen when things unexpectedly break, and the uncovering of potential building problems that winter weather has a way of bringing out.


Spring is the time to take care of any building issues that surfaced over the winter but that couldn’t be taken care then because of the weather. The building HVAC system is usually overhauled to prepare it for the summer season. It’s also time to get landscaping back into full gear for the summer and fall seasons ahead.


Good weather and little rain makes the summer the perfect time for exterior work such as roof work or building facade maintenance, and for any other long-term maintenance projects.


Fall is all about preparing for the harsh season ahead. The HVAC system is usually serviced again in anticipation of cold temperatures, and any last minute preparations for winter are made. The building’s landscaping is prepared for the winter too, with projects like aerating the soil, feeding the grass, and collecting leaves.
We hope this roadmap gives you a brief idea of the neverending work of maintaining a building. If you have any questions about the building maintenance process, reach out to us!

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