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Common Areas and Summer Maintenance: Roof Decks, Patios, Parking Lots

Common Areas and Summer Maintenance: Roof Decks, Patios, Parking Lots

As summer temperatures rise, the common areas of your building will increasingly fill up with people trying to enjoy the season. From roof deck grilling to parking lot tailgating, these activities allow occupants to get the most out of the common spaces. Along with the increased use, the summer weather also takes a toll on these areas. Remaining proactive about their maintenance will keep them usable, you safe, and your building association happy.

Roof decks can vary from the simple to the extravagant. Either way, it is important to remember that they sit on a sensitive membrane (your roof) that needs to be protected at all cost. Beware of high heat that grilling brings, which can quickly damage the lining of your roof. Vigorous activity that involves repetitive running or jumping can also cause damage, and is best brought down to ground level.

Building patios are nearly always made out of wood, and so present unique challenges. First, any kind of grilling with wood or charcoal should be ruled out because of the high risk of starting a fire. Even if you are good at containing the fuel and flames, a flying cinder is all that’s needed to set your patio on fire. Aside from fire concerns, keep an eye on your patio’s structural integrity. Rotting wood can quickly go from merely unsightly to downright dangerous under the heavy loads of summer festivities.

Parking lots are the easiest of the bunch to maintain. Simply ensure they are sealed early enough in the season to prevent the hot temperatures from expanding the cracks formed during the winter season. Sealing becomes less effective over time, so every few years your association will have to invest in getting the parking lot paved with new asphalt.

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