Building and Condo Maintenance

Condo Maintenance for the Fall Season

As we officially enter the fall season, it’s time for some basic fall condo maintenance before Chicago winter is back yet again. Thankfully, your association will be in charge of preparing all the exterior elements of the building for winter. However, here are the things you yourself may want to check in your condo:

  1. If your condo has an in-unit HVAC unit, fall is the perfect time to inspect it, get it tuned up if necessary, clean it, and get it ready for the first chilly days when you’ll need it.
  2. If your condo has exposure to the building’s roof, give your ceiling a careful inspection to check for any signs of the roof leaking, however small. If you notice any water spots, you’ll likely want to point them out to your property manager so that the potential roof leaks can be inspected and resolved before the first snowfall of the season.
  3. On all exterior doors and windows, check the weatherstripping to see how effective it is at insulating your living space from the outdoors. If necessary, replace the weatherstripping to get a better seal. Doing this will also save you money on your energy bill.
  4. As soon as temperatures get cooler, reverse your ceiling fans by finding the small switch on the upper portion fan and flipping it. By spinning the other way, fans will push warm air that collects near the ceiling downwards, making your condo feel warmer and saving you a few dollars on your energy bill.

These items are all relatively easy to take care of, but they can make a big impact on being ready for the upcoming winter and improving your home’s energy efficiency.

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