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Dealing with Dangerous Ice on Your Building

Ah, winter. The time of year when we want to stay in by the fire, cozy up with a loved one and generally stay indoors. However, as much as we’d like to stay in, most of us will sooner or later need to trudge outside into the snow and ice.

Anyone who’s ever slipped on the sidewalk or gotten into a skid with their car knows that ice can be dangerous. Did you know it’s also dangerous when it builds up on your building’s power lines? Ice buildup on power lines can cause them to break or malfunction, leaving you without electricity.

Additionally, when ice accumulates on a building, a variety of hazards may occur. For instance, on days when winter temperatures are sufficiently warm, the ice will melt and break free of the building. Large chunks of falling ice or icicles can cause damage to cars and pedestrians if directly hit. Furthermore, should the ice simply melt, the excess water can cause flood damage to basement or first floor level rooms.

If you see any accumulation of ice, alert your property management company right away. Don’t assume someone else will notify management or that the building manager will notice it on his or her own. When it comes to slippery situations, your property management company would rather have too many calls than none at all.

Exercise extra caution during the winter and stay clear of the ice. Don’t attempt to knock it off the building or remove it yourself. Let your property management bring in the professionals and proper equipment to handle the removal of dangerous ice.

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