Building and Condo Maintenance

Effective Property Management for Chicago Winters

Chicago’s winter conditions present a challenge for property managers. In a well-run building, things may seem to continue seamlessly through the different seasons, but in fact there is a lot that has to happen behind the scenes to ensure the safety and convenience of the building’s residents during the winter season.

Winterizing the building exterior is of the utmost importance to ensure the building exterior can withstand the elements and the drastic temperature swings of midwest winter. The roof, the exteriors of windows, and the condition of the brickwork become crucial. Small things you may not think of as a building resident, such as the water spigots and sprinklers having to be shut off to prevent burst pipes are always on the mind of your property manager.

The building’s HVAC system also has to be overhauled during the fall,  to check that it’s ready to take on the increased strain of the winter season.

Finally, there are the safety considerations. As snow and sleet falls, plowing the parking areas, and shoveling and salting the walkways is essential for keeping the building safe. When daylight savings time comes around, photo eye sensors also need to be adjusted for daylight savings time to accurately reflect dusk and dawn, and promote safety.

As you can see, there’s a lot to do every winter to keep things functioning well. As a building resident who is in-and-out of the building every day, you may occasionally notice something amiss. In that case, it’s important to contact your property manager to let him or her know about the issue so it can be promptly addressed before it becomes a problem.

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