Building and Condo Maintenance

Getting Your Parking Lot or Garage Ready for Summer

Just when you thought spring cleaning was over, it’s time to focus on the parking garage and get it ready for summer.

During the winter, your garage may see its share of snow and ice melts and the salt and grime that comes with those elements. Get your garage or parking lot ready for summer activities by power-washing it to remove the dirt and filth. Be sure to check for proper drainage while you are power-washing, and get any clogs taken care of. At the same time, check for leaks that may have occurred during the winter melt or spring rains.

Now is also a good time to check the paint of both the walls and the strip lines of parking spaces. Touch ups can be done every year and line stripes should be redone completely every 3-5 years.

If you have a parking garage with stairs and elevators, check guardrails and functionality at this time as well. Clean and replace lighting as needed.

If you have a personal garage, be careful of what items you store in it. Fire code prohibits propane tanks, gasoline, paint, and other flammable items to be stored in a garage.

Also, with a personal garage, you will probably want to clear out your winter items such as winter sporting equipment, boots, and snow shovels, and make way for summer items: beach/pool toys, bikes and other summer sporting equipment. Consider investing in a bike rack that either hangs from the ceiling or attaches to the wall to keep bikes from tipping over or getting in the way of your parking needs.

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