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How to Prevent Ant Infestations (And How to Stop Them!)

How to Prevent Ant Infestations (And How to Stop Them!)

Ants are by no means the worst insect infestation you might have to deal with. Perhaps because of being seen as harmless, ants are actually the number one insect pest in the US. Keeping ants out of your home is actually a fairly simple process, and thankfully, getting rid of them if they are already present can also be relatively straightforward.

Ants tend to enter homes during the warmer months of the year, and they are attracted to two things: food and water. For these reasons, the kitchen and the bathroom are the two most widely affected areas, and the areas to focus your attention on.

In the kitchen, don’t leave out any unwrapped food products for long periods of time. Products with high sugar content are the ones to watch: bags of sugar and jars of honey should be tightly closed and put away, used soda cans should be disposed of promptly, fruit should not be allowed to get overripe, and needless to say, the trash should be taken out at least once a week. We cannot stress this enough – a general level of cleanliness in your home is the best deterrent to an ant infestation.

Unless you have a hidden leak that results in a hidden source of moisture, bathrooms that are cleaned regularly rarely have ant problems. If you see any ants, check under the sink and on the sides of the bathtub for and signs of leaking.

If you do find yourself with ants in your home, first remedy the reason they’ve ended up there. This will involve thoroughly cleaning food leftovers that might be attracting them to the kitchen, or resolving the dampness issues that are bringing them into your bathroom.

Once you’ve done this, try to prevent more ants from coming into your home by identifying their way in and sealing it – cracks should be sealed with caulk, and worn rubber insulation around windows or doors should be replaced. If the infestation persists, or if you’re unable to find the source, call a professional exterminator.

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