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Prepare Your Building for Winter: 5 Easy Maintenance Tips

As summer days are now long gone and the colder months are settling in, it’s time to perform some quick and easy maintenance and cleaning to ensure your building is ready for winter. Here are five tips for getting your Chicagoland building winter-ready.

Inspect The Heating System

In the winter, heat is one of the most important aspects of building management. Before winter hits full force, schedule a full HVAC or boiler system inspection in your building to make sure all equipment and systems are in good working order. Having your heating system serviced before your residents actually need to use it is a smart move. This can ensure energy saving and avoid emergency situations due to loss of heating.

Check Safety Devices

Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in common areas and replace batteries if needed. Check the expiration date of fire extinguishers as well and replace them if needed. Don’t forget about building security either. Confirm all doors and gates are closing properly and adjust light timers to make sure everything is working as it should be for the winter season.

Inspect Roofs and Building Exteriors

Rainstorms and snowfall can cause severe damage to buildings that aren’t properly sealed and insulated and major inconveniences and money loss for residents. Hire a contractor to examine your building’s rooftops for leaks and look at building exteriors and common areas. Repairing a small leak or a gap in a window will be much easier and cheaper than recovering from the damage caused by flooding or weather-related problems.

Schedule Snow Removal in Advance

We’re in Chicago so you can count on a few disruptive snowstorms during winter. Making sure that your contract is renewed with your snow removal contractors is a crucial part of building winterization. Look at the building’s budget and make sure to set funds aside for snow plowing, road salting, and removing snow from rooftops.

Clean Gutters And Other Drainage

In the fall, these systems can easily become clogged with leaves, leading to poor or non-existent drainage during the wettest seasons of the year. This, in turn, can lead to leaks, load bearing problems, of accumulating snow and dangerous icicles. Make sure all drainage systems are clear and continue checking them periodically through the fall and winter seasons.

A professional property management company can help with maintenance and with finding reliable vendors. We know how overwhelming property management can be, and we’re here to make it easy by taking the stress off your shoulders. We’re never more than a phone call, email, or online portal login away. Ready to manage your building with ease? Get started with a proposal request!

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