Building and Condo Maintenance

How Property Management Companies Can be Friendly to the Environment

Being green not only helps to save the environment, it saves some green as well. Energy efficiency isn’t just the responsibility of the condo owners—property management companies can also help to advance efficiency throughout the building.

For instance, Hales Property Management offers to assist with the ComEd rebate program for our buildings. So far, over 80 buildings have participated in the LED Program. Not only does this save energy: LEDs last longer, thereby reducing bulb outages and maintenance requests for changing out bulbs.

Insulating doors and windows save on both heating and cooling costs. As we’re moving toward the colder months, the property management company can ensure common area windows are properly insulated to keep the heat in. Additionally, doors in common areas receive frequent use. Property management should certify that these doors are closing fully, allowing as little heat to escape as possible.

Water heaters are another area prone to energy loss. Property management can increase energy efficiency in several ways by promoting the adoption of newer water heaters that are rated for energy efficiency. While newer models generally don’t need a thermal blanket, using one can reduce heat loss by up to 45% on older models. Finally, depending on the property dynamics, a timer can be used to turn off the water heater during low use hours, such as the middle of the night.

Last but not least, property management should check ventilation systems to ensure there are no blockages or air leaks, both for the air coming in and out of the building. The added benefit of a good ventilation system is that it controls moisture that could eventually lead to mold issues in the ductwork.

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