Building and Condo Maintenance

Spring A/C Overhaul Checklist

Spring season is the perfect time for an A/C overhaul. The temperature is warm enough that you don’t need to utilize the HVAC system, but you don’t need the A/C yet, so you can take your time with any maintenance or repairs that may need to take place. Generally speaking, A/C systems do best when they’re checked and maintained every year instead of only when they act up.

If your building has a central A/C unit, your property manager will take care of the overhaul and have the unit tuned up and ready for heavy use during the summer. But if your condo or townhome has an in-unit A/C system, it will be up to you, the owner, to have the overhaul done.

The recommended yearly A/C maintenance usually features the following:

  1. Inspect and clean (if necessary) the evaporator and condenser coils. Dirty coils can drastically lower your A/C’s efficiency.
  2. Check the refrigerant level, and top off if necessary. If the level is unusually low, you may have to inspect the rest of the system for leaks and fix these.
  3. Inspect the blower components and adjust, if necessary. An improperly functioning blower or clogged ductwork lowers the efficiency of the system, and also makes the whole system work harder than it has to, increasing the chances for a costly breakdown./li>If you have any other questions about overhauling your A/C unit before summer arrives, don’t hesitate to contact Hales Property Management.

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