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Spring Building Maintenance Tips

If you’re a Chicagoan, you don’t need to hear about how incredibly harsh our winters can be. Going from -20°F one day to +40°F the next takes a toll on buildings, and Spring maintenance is often necessary to keep buildings in good working order year after year.

Here’s are the main items you should address when the temperatures finally rise, but before the heat of Chicago summer has a chance to kick in:

  1. Check the building exterior for leaks and damage.
    When water gets into tight spaces and freezes, it expands, causing damage. Check the exterior of the building for trouble spots before spring showers have a chance to result in any serious leaks. Keep an eye for irregularities in siding, and for crumbling mortar around brickwork. The roof often requires some special care, with cleaning from debris and any patching done as needed.
  2. Cleaning and maintenance of common areas.
    The interior common areas of the building also go through higher than usual wear-and-tear during the winter months. Snow, ice, and water from boots, combined with roadway salt, can do a number on carpeting, so a deep cleaning might be advisable. Other surfaces, windows, and doors should also be checked for wear and replaced as needed.
  3. HVAC maintenance.
    The mild temperatures of Spring are the perfect time to do some maintenance on the furnace to prepare it for next winter, and for an overhaul and testing of the air conditioning to make sure it’s ready to kick in once temperatures rise.

As with most things, Spring maintenance is a classic case of well-timed action that can help prevent much costlier repairs further down the road. So, if you see your property manager bustling around the building in the next couple of months, take it as a good sign that valuable maintenance work is underway.

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