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Spring Cleaning Your Condo: 5 Tips

April showers mean it’s time for a little spring-cleaning. Spring is a great time to get ready for warmer weather and doing a few cleaning and maintenance checks on your condominium unit will make the transition from winter to summer enjoyable and painless.

Check the A/C
It might not be warm enough to switch over to the air conditioning yet, but it is time to turn on your in-unit A/C unit and let it run for a bit. It’s better to know now if you need repairs rather than in the heat of summer. Now is also a good time to replace your filters if you haven’t done so all winter.

Wash Windows
Let the sunshine in. Washing the inside of the windows and getting rid of any dust on the blinds will not only clear the air for allergy sensitivities, the brighter windows will make you feel better as well. Take down the window treatments and get them dry cleaned or wash them yourself to remove any dust buildup.

Change your Bedding
Time to remove the heavy woolen linens, thick comforters, and layers of blankets. Wash your bedding before putting it away or send it out for cleaning, as they can be heavy-duty loads and your washer may not be roomy enough. While you’re at it, flip the mattress, or at the very least rotate it.

Dryer Vents
Now is a good time to get the dryer vent runs cleaned. We tend to do more laundry with heavier clothing in the winter and lint can accumulate more quickly. Getting the vents clean is an important fire safety item and an often-overlooked necessity.

Deep Clean Carpets
Vacuum and shampoo or steam-clean the carpets in your condo. Shake rugs and cushions outside to get rid of any dust and dirt buildup.

Change the Batteries in Safety Equipment
Spring cleaning can serve as a good reminder to check the batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace them if necessary.

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