Building and Condo Maintenance

Spring Maintenance for Condominiums

[fb_button]After a season of extreme temperature and weather conditions, spring offers a chance to start building maintenance anew. Your property management company will usually conduct a spring inspection, which evaluates all parts of the building that could have been affected by winter weather and then report back to your board of managers.

The most important part for inspection is the exterior of the building, especially the roof. Most condo buildings have flat roofs, which are susceptible to snow accumulations that ultimately can lead to leaks. The condition of gutters and other drainage systems, which come in heavy use in both winter and spring, should also be assessed.

The freezing and melting of ice can cause cracks in the exterior of the building, whether the exterior is brick or siding. These should be patched before spring rainfall has a chance to wash away more loose material. Outside the windows, caulking that has been damaged should be removed and reapplied. If your building has wooden decks, their condition should be checked, and if the wood shows susceptibility to moisture, new sealer should be applied.

Additionally, if the building has a parking lot or other asphalt surfaces, a warm and dry spring day is a good time to seal cracks that have formed during the wintertime.

Catching up on spring maintenance early will minimize winter damage before the summer heat makes it worse, and therefore cut your repair costs in the long run.[fb_button]

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