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Spring Maintenance Tips for Buildings

Anyone who owns property in Chicago knows about the wear and tear that a Chicago winter can have on a building. All buildings need some periodic TLC, and the change of the seasons is a great reminder to give the building a once over to check for problems. This is particularly true in the spring, after the low temperatures, snow, ice, and salt of the standard Chicago winter. Here are some items to look into.

1. Inspect the roof

Seasons bring inclimate weather, which can wear on the exterior of your building. Roofing repairs get expensive quickly, so it is worthwhile to have the roof regularly inspected and maintained. When deciding on appropriate maintenance, consider the materials used and shape of the roof, as every type of roof has a different lifespan. Above all, be sure to closely monitor for any signs of water damage.

2. Check the windows and exterior

Windows are a critical point for keeping out weather like snow, rain, hail, and wind. Note any resident complaints of water intrusion or drafts, as these may indicate damage to the window framing.

The materials that house the exterior of your building are vitally important also. If you have noticed any chips or cracks, it is a good time to fix them before the high heat of summer exacerbates the problem. Tuckpointing and exterior maintenance is easier on everyone when handled promptly in comfortable weather.

3. Repair and maintain HVAC and heating systems

Especially in the spring, the comfortable weather may create a small chunk of time when property managers can assess and repair the temperature systems in large buildings. This is a prime opportunity to maintain or update ducts and hardware. Thanks to all the work you have done on the roof, windows, and exterior, you may actually end up saving money by having your building’s insulation back in tip-top shape. Repairing these services, and cleaning them, now will help save you money as opposed to making a call for immediate or emergency services in tough weather.

4. Check for pests

Spring is a good time to call your pest control inspectors and have a thorough inspection. If your building has a commercial kitchen in it, or a waste management area, you are probably already aware of the potential issues. Spring is a time when pests like ants and flies start appearing, solving those issues early will prevent bigger pest issues.

As you can see, the simple task of spring cleaning and maintenance of a building can be extensive and time consuming. As property managers, we can run through this comprehensive list for all our buildings. Our dedicated property managers maintain relationships with qualified vendors and contractors to help care for and maintain every aspect of your building.

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