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Summer Maintenance Projects

Summer Maintenance

The summer weather can make maintenance chores seem like a bore. However, the season is ideal for a variety of maintenance work that will keep your property in top shape and ready for fall. Whether up to you or your property management company, these projects are the most urgent ones for summer:

Duct cleaning – a cool summer day when the AC does not have to be consistently on is the perfect time to inspect and clean the ductwork of your building.

Gutter cleaning – while the prime gutter cleaning season is fall, summer is a great time to really get the gutters clean because they are not overflowing with leaves. If rust is an issue, you might want to consider repainting the gutters to keep the rust at bay.

Refinish wood decks and patios – the dryness of the summer season makes it ideal for repainting wood deck and patios. The condition of the wood will tell you when this needs to be done. If you notice any water soaking into the wood, repaint now to prevent rotting issues later.

Inspect and repair the roof – after the rains of spring, you should have a good idea if there are any leaks in the roof, however minor. These should be repaired as quickly as possible, and definitely before the fall season hits.

Maintain the exterior – if your building is made out of brick, summer is the idea time to inspect and replace any missing mortar that can turn into a bigger problem later. If your building’s exterior tends to accumulate dirt or plant material, summer is ideal for a comprehensive power washing project.

Keep these summer maintenance projects in mind, and your building will be ready for the rougher seasons ahead.

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