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Take Care of Home While on Vacation

Take care of home while on vacation

Summer is the ideal time to leave your home for a few weeks and head on a vacation. If you cannot get someone to look in on the house for you, here are some tips to ensuring the homestead remains safe and sound while you are away:

Close the windows — closing all the windows tightly will prevent any water from leaking into your home and causing damage while you are away.

Lights on — though not completely environmentally friendly, most people opt to leave at least one light on to discourage criminals. If you’re concerned about the electrical bill, consider a timer that turns on the light at night and shuts it off during the day.

Unplug appliances — unplugging appliances like your television and computer will both save you electricity (they still use power when off) and protect them from power surges.

Water the plants — if you have live plants and are going away for a week or less, don’t forget to give them some extra water to keep them from drying out while you are away. If you are going away for longer, ask a friend to come by and water them.

Don’t advertise — advertising your vacation on social media might not be the best idea, since it lets the world know exactly when you won’t be at home. Do tell one trusted neighbor that you’re going so they can keep an eye on the place.

For those who like to stay in control, it is now possible to automate your entire house, including lighting and security cameras, and control it over the Internet with any mobile device, though this peace of mind does come at a premium.


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