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Top 5 Building Maintenance Projects – Building Management

Building maintenance can seem like an overwhelming responsibility unless divided into manageable tasks. See our list of the top 5 building maintenance projects to find out what to tackle first:

1. A thorough and accurate assessment

While not strictly a project in itself, a quality annual building assessment is so important that it comes in at number one on our list. The task of building maintenance would be impossible without a detailed survey of the current condition of the building, which can help in the development of a maintenance plan, accurate budgeting, and timely execution.

2. The Exterior

Resist the temptation to believe that most issues with the exterior of the building are purely cosmetic. While this may be that case in select instances, the general rule is that if it looks noticeably bad cosmetically, it also most likely presents a problem to the structural integrity of the building. Besides, the exterior is the first thing people see, and everyone from potential buyers to appraisers will gain their first impressions of your building from the exterior.

3. Spring Cleaning

A spring cleaning makes our list of top maintenance projects, because when done right, it is as comprehensive as any other maintenance undertaking. You should obviously perform light janitorial duties on a regular basis, but at least once a year, you should get your hands dirty with more intense cleaning tasks, such as polishing stonework in the lobby, cleaning out the maintenance areas, washing the exterior windows, and generally getting things ship-shape.

4. Heating and Cooling

While the HVAC unit sits quietly in the basement, no other system malfunction will be noticed as quickly by building residents. Industrial HVAC units are costly, so proper maintenance and repair can ensure you get the maximum life from the one you currently own.

5. Energy Efficiency

A general energy efficiency upgrade, while never necessary, will do wonders for the heating and cooling bills, as well as for the overall image of the property. This project can be executed all at once or over multiple years, depending on budgetary constraints and will ultimately add significant value to your investment.

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