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How to Winterize Your Condo

It’s October in Chicago, which of course means we might be dealing with snow within the next 4 weeks. In a condo, most of the winterizing work has been done for you by the building manager, but there are still things you can do to make the transition into winter smoother.

1. Check the weather stripping on windows and doors. Cracked or peeling weather stripping is the number one source of temperature loss and/or water leaks from the exterior. Check to make sure the rubber is still in good condition or replace it as needed.

2. Insulate windows further. Depending on how drafty your windows are, you might want to consider further insulation with one of the various window insulation kits sold at hardware stores. These kits involve covering your windows with a thin sheet of plastic to create a barrier that holds heat in and keeps the cold out.

3. Check the HVAC unit and replace the filter. One situation you definitely want to find yourself in is lacking heat when temperatures plummet. So, you have an in-unit HVAC system, it’s up to you to make sure it works and has a clean filter now, before the time comes to use it.

4. Reverse your ceiling fans. Many people don’t know this, but reversing the rotation of your ceiling fans will make them circulate warm air downward, allowing you to save some money on your heating bill this winter. To do this, find the small switch on each fan and reverse it; the fan should now spin clockwise when you look up.

Follow these four tips, and your condo will be ready to face what is sure to be another grueling Chicago winter.

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