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5 Tips to Prepare Your Condominium or Townhouse for Sale

5 Tips to Prepare Your Condominium or Townhouse for Sale


Getting a condo in shape for sale can be a task of varying difficulty. In short, what are the things that make the most difference in how your condo is perceived with the least amount of money and effort?

1. Clean.

Buyers will likely be viewing your condo in furnished form. Clean up (or make your tenants clean up) any clutter to immediately give the space a touch of class.

2. Minor maintenance.

Keep an eye out for small things that make a big difference. Doors that stick, cabinet doors on one hinge, unstable railings, and leaky sinks can all give buyers an unfavorable impression even if the condo itself is actually great.

3. No major repairs.

In the vast majority of cases, it’s better to leave repairs requiring a large investment as they are, and instead include a discount in the price to account for them. The only possible exception is a fresh coat of paint, which can drastically improve the look of the whole property.

4. Focus on lighting.

Too many condos and townhomes are being shown with the curtains drawn. Lighting gives buyers the chance to actually see the place, it gives the impression of space, and always makes the property look nicer.

5. Craft a story.

This should be done in collaboration with your realtor, but as an expert on your property, you should have a say in the photography and text that accompanies the listing. These things form the buyer’s first impressions of a property long before they set a foot in the door.

If you follow these steps, you can prepare your condo or townhome for sale in a matter of days, not months. Of course, that’s just the first step of a complex process, but it does help to start on the right foot.

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