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3 Chicago Neighborhoods on the Rise

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Chicago is known for its dynamic and ever-changing neighborhood scene. Neighborhoods come in and out of fashion, sometimes within the same decade. Here are three up-and-coming Chicago neighborhoods that offer homebuyers and tenants unique communities and a great value for the foreseeable future.


This Chicago neighborhood offers close proximity to all the entertainment and lifestyle accommodations of the much-trendier adjacent Logan Square, but without the inflated price tag. The prices will let you get more home for your money whether you’re renting or buying. The aforementioned nearby Logan Square will accommodate the younger crowd, while nearby Roscoe Village and Lincoln Square have amenities for more established families and urban professionals.

West Loop

Those looking for the ultimate nightlife experience might want to look towards the West Loop. The neighborhood initially came into fashion when new restaurateurs and club owners, priced out of the Loop began to open up groundbreaking new spots on Randolph Street. Though home inventory is scarce and prices are rising, exciting new restaurant and bars are opening every month, and access to the Loop is unsurpassed.


Pilsen has been deemed “up-and-coming” for a few years now, but for those willing to try something new, it might just be the perfect neighborhood. With affordable real estate, great food, and a close-knit community, most of the neighborhood has not yet been gentrified and offers a unique and multi-cultural perspective.

With any of these three options, you’ll get to be a part of a unique community in a dynamic neighborhood, all at a great price point that compared to those surrounding it.

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