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4 Building Security Tips for the Holiday Season

While the holidays generally bring about goodwill and cheer, building security issues can dampen the holiday spirit quickly. Protecting and securing your condo in a multi-unit building is not just a task for the property manager, but for each and every resident. While it is a property management company’s job to ensure exterior doors are secure, replace lighting, etc., residents can also do their part in reporting any incidents or issues for a quicker resolution.

In addition to these  4 security best practices, here are 4 more ways you can ensure your building will be safe and secure for the holiday season.


An alternative to doors, windows can also be an entry point. If you notice open windows in common areas or loose window locks, be sure to report it to your property management right away.

Christmas Tree Fire Safety

It’s that time of year to bring in the evergreen trees and decorate with twinkly lights. No matter how convenient it is to have your holiday lights on a timer, you should never have these on when you’re not at home, because of the risk of fire.

Vacation Privacy

If you’re going on vacation, it’s okay to let your friends and neighbors know…in person. Save the social media sharing for your return, to avoid giving away sensitive information to potential intruders.

Package Delivery

If you’re a fan of online shopping, and these days, who isn’t, consider having your packages delivered to your office or requiring a signature upon delivery. Advertising you have goods coming in may be an advertisement for a break-in as well.

For more home safety tips during the holiday season and year round, check out ADT’s 20 Tips for Home Safety and Security.

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