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Chicago’s Hottest Neighborhoods of 2020

Chicago is a city on the move, where it’s easy for last year’s hottest neighborhood to be today’s has-been (or “too cool”). Here are three neighborhoods on the rise this year:

  1. Bridgeport – ignored for a long time, this gem on the near South Side now has the perfect mix of hip new businesses, up-and-coming artists, and old school dive bars. Bridgeport is known as one of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods. Being the official home to the White Sox also doesn’t hurt. Home prices are up 9.7% in the past year.
  2. Humboldt Park – as Logan Square has become more and more developed, hipsters and homeowners looking for a better deal alike have looked to its western neighbor. It’s right on the 606 trail and features the eponymous park at its center, one of the nicest in all of Chicago.
  3. Avondale – representing the northwest side of the city, Avondale has quietly been building up a buzz. Avondale has a number of great food spots and cultural establishments, and has managed to remain fairly affordable (for now).

Did we miss a neighborhood you think is on the rise? Drop us a line to let us know your thoughts!

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