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Here’s What You Can Expect If You Filed for a Chicago Property Tax Rebate This Year

If you’re planning to file for a Chicago Property Tax Rebate by December 31st of this year, you may be wondering now only how much you’ll receive, but also when.

How Much You’ll Get

The rebates available range from $25 to $200. Rebates are determined by two factors, the amount your property taxes increased and your Household Adjusted Gross Income (HAGI).

  • If your household income is from $50,000 to $75,000, you can expect a rebate of $25 to $150, in $25 increments, if your property tax increased by $100 or more. For every $50 increase, homeowners can see a $25 refund.
  • If your household income is between $25,000 to $49,999, you can expect a rebate for increases from $0 to $350+, up to $175 refunded.
  • If your income is below the $24,999, rebates go from $25 to $200 for tax increases above $0.

The City of Chicago offers a handy chart explaining the refund amounts.

Additionally, if you are a senior, 60 years of age or older, you may have qualified for an additional rebate of $150. This only applies if you’ve lived in your home since 1998.

When You Can Expect Your Rebate

If the city approved your application, you should expect a check within eight weeks of submission. If it has been longer than eight weeks, and you have your conditional approval form but haven’t received your check, please contact Cook County Treasurer’s Office at (312) 443-5100 or at 118 North Clark Street, Room 112.

Remember: You have to apply by December 31st and receive a conditional approval form in order to receive a rebate.

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