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How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Condo

Buildings have a lot of people living together in relatively tight quarters. With all those different living habits, it’s no wonder that rodents may occasionally make their way into a building to live off the spoils. Once mice are inside, they proliferate quickly.
Follow these best practices to keep rodents out of your condo (and your neighbors’ too):

  • Make sure the weatherstripping on your doors is in good shape. This includes patio doors and windows too, just in case. It’s much easier to keep rodents out of your condo if they don’t have a direct and convenient way in. Also, don’t leave doors or windows ajar if there’s no netting in place to stop these unwelcome guests.
  • Seal other holes to the outdoors. If your condo has pipes coming in for heating, venting, or other reasons, check the place where they come in through the wall of your condo. If there’s a noticeable gap, you’ll likely want to plug this hole. However, make sure that the materials you use are rated for the type of pipes you’re insulating.
  • Contain your trash. Bag up trash tightly, and never leave trash to hang out outside of a receptacle, because rodents can easily find their way into the bag.
  • Keep tabs on your pantry. Store pantry items such as potatoes, rice, flour, onions and other dry goods, as well as pet foods, in proper containers.

Remember, if you spot any rodents in your condo or in a general area of your building, alert the building manager right away so the problem can be handled ASAP.

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