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Knock Out Your Condo Spring Cleaning In 30 Days

When the weather finally gets warmer after a gloomy winter, it’s time to give your condo a refresh by doing some deep cleaning. While this may sound like a lot at first, with a little organization and the right approach, your condo will be sparkling clean in no time. By following our simple 30-day schedule, you can spend just 20 mins to an hour each day to get your condo into top-shape for the summer in 30 days or less.

All Around the Condo

Day 1. Light fixtures and fans

Dust the light fixtures, fans, and air vents around your condo. Replace light bulbs if necessary and wipe down light switches and electrical outlets.

Day 2. Filters and batteries

Go around your condo and replace any filters and batteries in alarms, detectors, and remotes that need it.

Day 3. Electronics

Dust off all your electronics. Consider recycling or donating tech you no longer use.

Day 4. Paperwork

Go through your paperwork and get rid of any old contracts, invoices, and receipts you no longer need.

Day 5. Trash cans

Collect your trash cans and clean and deodorize them in the shower or with disinfectant wipes.

Day 6. Wood furniture

Help your wood furnishing shine by wiping them down with a damp microfiber cloth and then removing excess moisture with a dry towel. Finally, dust with a dry soft cloth or feather duster.

Day 7. Windows and mirrors

Get rid of dirt, debris, and cobwebs that have collected around your windows and clean the frames, windowsills, blinds, and shutters. Then give all your windows, glass surfaces, and mirrors a clean.

Day 8. Curtains

Collect your curtains and give them a wash. Always check sewn-in labels first for the recommended instructions. Unlined curtains can usually be machine-washed, while lined drapes typically need to be dry-cleaned if they contain stains or odors.

Day 9. Doors

Wipe down all of your doors. Touch up any paint and adjust any locks or hinges if needed.

Day 10. Walls

Use a gentle cleanser to wipe down the walls in each room. Be sure to pull the furniture away from the walls first.

Day 11. Polish picture frames

Refresh your framed pictures around the condo by laying them flat on a table or counter and cleaning them with a microfiber cloth. Be sure not to spray cleaner directly onto the glass—it could leak in and damage the photo or artwork.

Day 12. Baseboards

While baseboards are probably something you never think about, giving them a wipe down will make your home look and feel fresh. Use a bucket of hot water and a rag and go all around your condo—it’s a good workout, too.

Day 13. Floors

Mop, vacuum, wax, or buff everywhere—depending on what type of flooring you have. Don’t forget to vacuum under furniture. Getting rid of dust mites and pet hair will help reduce the number of allergens in your home.

Day 14. Carpets and rugs

Collect all your carpets and rugs from your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of the condo and give them a clean. Shake, beat, and vacuum rugs to remove lint. Spot clean if necessary.

Day 15. Plants and pets

Give your plants some tender love and care by dusting, trimming, and watering them. If you have a pet, thoroughly clean their area, water and food bowls, and organize their toys.

Day 16. Fridge and freezer

Throw out everything that needs to go from the fridge and freezer—and pantry—and clean them from top to bottom. Neatly organize the food as you put it back in.

Day 17. Stove and oven

Scrub the stove top thoroughly and wash down dials. Clean and degrease your oven, including the door and the rack. Don’t forget about the oven drawer.

Day 18. Kitchen cupboards and drawers

Start on one side and work your way across the whole kitchen. Pull everything out of the cupboards and drawers, and sort, wipe down, and organize everything from pots and pans to cutlery and mugs. Be sure to wipe down the cabinets and drawers, too.

Day 19. Appliances

Clean your kettle, toaster, microwave, coffee maker and any other appliances you use in the kitchen. Don’t forget to wash out the kitchen sink and drying rack. If you’re able to, pull out your big appliances and sweep behind them.


Day 20. Bathroom cabinets

Empty all drawers and cupboards, including the medicine cabinet, and wash and dry them. Sort your things, get rid of old toothbrushes and replace them with new ones. Put only those things back that are still needed and products that are not yet expired.

Day 21. Wipe down your washing machine

It’s important to give your washing machine monthly attention to prevent bacteria buildup and stinky odors that can transfer to your clothes. Run the self-clean setting following the manufacturer’s directions or run a cycle with 2 cups white vinegar instead of detergent. Use a damp cloth dipped in warm water and gentle laundry detergent or vinegar to wipe down the inside of the machine. Then wipe down the front, sides, and top of the machine.

Day 22: Sanitize shower curtain and liner

Wash away stains and buildup on shower curtains and liners by throwing them into the washer on a gentle cycle (just check instructions on their care tag first).

Day 23. Toilet, shower, and sink

Clean the toilet inside and out, the tub, shower walls, faucet, showerheads and the drains in the sink, tub, and shower. Deep clean tile grout and reseal or caulk any areas that need it. Clean your mirrors, sweep, and mop.

Bedroom and Living Areas

Day 24. Closet

Look at each and every piece of clothing in your closet. Donate anything that is worn out. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself when the last time you wore an item. If it’s been more than six months, donate it. Do the same with shoes. Remove and put away anything that doesn’t belong in the closet.

Day 25. Dust surfaces

Dust surfaces in your bedroom, including furniture and décor items, your nightstand, and baseboard.

Day 26. Bed

Strip the bed and wash covers, duvets, pillows, pillow covers, sheets, throw blankets, and bedding. Flip the mattress and clean out dust, dirt, and debris lurking under the bed.

Day 27. Declutter your bedside table

Now is the perfect time to rid your bedside table of unnecessary items and keep only what you really need in there.

Day 28. Clean bookshelves

Books, pictures, and treasured objects displayed on bookshelves can become dust magnets. Take everything off the shelves and use a feather duster or microfiber cloth to remove debris. Consider donating books and other items you no longer need.

Day 29. Refresh sofas

Like all upholstered furniture, sofas need occasional freshening to look their best. Start by getting out the vacuum. Apply the upholstery attachment starting at the top of the piece and work toward the bottom. Do the same with the cushions. For delicate fabrics, like linen or silk, set the suction on low. Spot-clean any stains following the care label.

Day 30. Clean your cleaning supplies

When you’re all done, don’t forget that your brushes, brooms, vacuum cleaners, buckets, and mops all need an annual cleanup, too. Wash broom bristles in a sink filled with warm soapy water, and soak cleaning brushes in a solution of soap and water or water and bleach. Hose out buckets. Empty the vacuum cleaner and wipe down all parts with a dry cloth or disinfectant wipe. Wash all microfiber cloths in warm water.

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