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Preparing for the Daylight Savings Switch

Another Daylight Savings change approaches next weekend. Now is a great time to do a few other things around the house. Remember to “fall back” an hour on November 1st!

Test your smoke detectors.

You should really be doing this quarterly, but if you can’t remember to do that, then checking your smoke detectors twice a year when we flip the clocks is not a bad alternative.

Reverse your ceiling fans.

Now that the winter chill is setting in again, reversing your fans will help your condo feel warmer without bumping up the thermostat. This simple move can help you use the heating and cooling of your house more efficiently while saving money on your energy bills.

Check for drafts.

Do you feel cold air coming through under your door or around a window? Add a bit of extra insulation there now, and you’ll benefit from lower heating costs all winter long.

Switch out your closet.

If you haven’t done so already, Daylight Savings Time change is a great opportunity to get organized, put away your summer wardrobe, and take out your cozy sweaters.

Check the tires on your car.

You know what Chicago winter can be like. If your tires don’t have very much tread left, consider replacing them now instead of waiting until spring. It will keep you safer in snowy and icy conditions.

Start thinking about holiday shopping.

No one likes going shopping at the very last moment. Now that we have a leisurely 8 weeks until the holidays, consider putting together a plan that will leave you worry-free well ahead of time.

Associating these activities with an annual date, like the Daylight Savings Time change, will help you remember to do them and be better prepared for the season ahead!

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