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Tips for Dealing with Chicago’s Snowstorms

This week’s storm was the strongest of the season so far, and there might be more coming before winter’s over. When a storm hits, safety becomes the most important thing. Below are some tips to help you ride out the next big Chicago winter storm.

Stock Up Before The Storm

As the storm and its aftereffects shut the city down, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of food and other essentials to prevent you from having to venture outdoors. Some things you should always have around the house are: a first aid kit, flashlight, candles, and extra batteries.

Stay Inside

Traffic conditions during a storm can be quite dangerous, so you should limit going out of the house to times when it’s truly necessary. When snow conditions are heavy, most employers tend to be understanding and will allow employees to work from home.

Be Safe When Digging Out

Judging by the number of heart attacks and back injuries every year, shoveling snow is not something to take lightly. Treat it like the serious exercise it is – stretch beforehand, use proper form (always lift with your legs), and take frequent breaks. Also, you may want to invest in a small shovel to keep in your car. You can find portable or retractable shovels at hardware stores and home good stores such as: Home Depot; Menards; Bed, Bath, and Beyond; and Target.

Keep Your Car’s Battery Charged

When you’re spending whole days indoors, you should keep in mind that plummeting temperatures can take a toll on your car’s battery if you park outside. Starting your car and keeping it on for 10 minutes once a day will keep the battery at optimum charge until driving conditions improve and you can drive again.

Keep these tips in mind, and the most serious thing you’ll have to worry about during the next winter storm will be what to watch from your Netflix queue.

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