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Winter Wellness Tips for Chicagoans

Once we’re past the holiday season, winter in Chicagoland can be a true slog. After a few weeks of getting to work when it’s dark out and leaving work when it’s also dark out, it’s easy for one’s spirits to get down. 

This year, stay on top of your game with these 3 steps for better health in the winter season:

  1. Get some exercise in—it’s more important than ever when you’re spending most of your time indoors. If you find that the cold weather makes it unlikely for you to get to the gym, it might actually make sense to purchase some simple equipment that allows you to exercise from home. Just make sure that it’s something you’ll actually use and not something that will just sit around and collect dust.
  2. Get a daylight lamp — this sounds way more involved than it actually is. It’s actually pretty simple: if you’re not getting enough sunlight, research has shown that keeping a small lamp around can help you feel noticeably better. You can find a slew of them on Amazon, and they’re also surprisingly affordable.
  3. Watch where you walk — with the new phenomenon of all of us walking around while staring at our phones, it’s much more likely that we would have a fall due to not paying attention to where we’re walking. You’ve probably seen this happen to someone else while out and about. Don’t be that person!

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