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The 6 Easiest Pets for a Condo Owner

With their limited space, condos aren’t the ideal place for raising most pets. However, there are plenty of pets that do lend themselves to small spaces and can thrive in the condo environment.

Here is our list of the top contenders:

  1. Fish
    Already self-contained in an aquarium, fish are the perfect condo pet. Goldfish, clownfish (think: Nemo), and other varieties are easy to raise in practically any space.
  2. Reptiles, amphibians, etc.
    Other animals confined to a terrarium also work well in a limited living area. Turtles are a classic, as are pet frogs and lizards.
  3. Birds
    Birds, especially the quieter species, are perfect for condos. Parakeets and parrots might be worth considering if you’re looking for your next condo pet.
  4. Small Dog Breeds
    Small dogs lend themselves better to small condos, and are more likely to be happy in a confined space. Pugs, Yorkies, and Beagles are good examples of these breeds.
  5. Large Dog Breeds
    Certain large dog breeds can also work in condos. Look for breeds that don’t need too much exercise and can live in a confined space. Labradors, Collies, Dalmatians, and (believe it or not) Great Danes don’t require too much exercise, and can thrive in a condo.
  6. Cats
    Cats are probably the most common condo pet, and can usually deal with any space constraints easily. Unlike dogs, they don’t need to get exercise outdoors, nor go outside to go to the bathroom.

Whatever pet you settle on, be sure to check that it is allowed by your homeowners association. Bonding with a pet and then having to get rid of it because of condo building rules is not a scenario anyone enjoys.

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