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Building Landscaping for the Fall Season

The colors of autumn are one of our favorite things about the season. However, keeping a healthy building landscape does require different tactics than what we use in spring. Here are some ideas for keeping your building landscape fresh for fall.

Aerating grassy areas and adding fertilizer. Aerating the soil helps to improve water drainage during autumn rains, also helping water and nutrients to reach the plant roots. The strategic addition of fertilizer can also help the grass more easily survive the winter and start growing earlier in the springtime.

Trimming dead or out-of-control branches. Dead branches, depending on their size, can be a nuisance or even a safety hazard once weighed down with snow. The unexpected breaking off a dead branch can also do more damage to the tree than a calculated removal, so it’s best to carefully remove all dead or in-the-way branches now before the snows hit.

Clean up leaves and fall debris. A blanket of colorful leaves may look pretty, but these leaves, if left alone, can rot and inhibit the health of the soil underneath them. So, during the fall season, more frequent landscaping cleanup is required.

Put down new mulch. Fall is also a good time to put down a fresh layer of mulch. It reduces water loss in the soil, controls weed growth, and protects plants from the temperature swings we see in the fall.

Take advantage of evergreens. While the rest of the trees are showing off, they eventually turn brown and lose their leaves. Evergreens retain their beauty year-round and come in all sizes. Planting more evergreens ensures year-round vegetation. Plus, those evergreens will work well in the holiday season with decorations!

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