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Building-wide Charity Drives for the Holidays: Coming Together to Make a Difference

At Hales Property Management, we always espouse the virtues of tight-knit building communities. All other things being equal, knowing your neighbors and being on good terms with them always leads to a higher quality of life in the building.

One great aspect of a building community is the ability to unite as a building and make a difference for a cause you believe in. If you’re on friendly terms with your neighbors, you’ll be much more likely to organize effectively and find strength in numbers. With the holidays approaching, it’s the perfect time to take up a cause that will allow those who are less fortunate to also have a decent and dignified holiday celebration.

This year, as in previous years, Hales Property Management will be holding our annual Hales Helps Out food drive. On December 11th leave your donated food below the posted food drive signs in your building. What easier way is there to help out families in need during the holidays than by dropping off a couple of food items in a bin on your way in or out of your building?

So, whether you’re planning on participating in Hales Helps Out or holding your own initiative, remember that your neighbors and fellow building residents are a great potential source for good if you can get them to join you in your cause.

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