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Cozy Up Your Home For Fall and Winter

Chicago winter temperatures started unseasonably early this year, which means people will be spending increasing amounts of time indoors. What better time to breathe some coziness and warmth into your living space?

Usually the living room is the most used space of the house, so start there:

  • Getting some wool or fleece throws for the couch will make it much cozier.
  • Hardwood floors can get chilly, so if you have them, putting down some area rugs can also help keep your feet warm.
  • If your living room has a fireplace, fall is the time to make sure it’s functional and ready to be used to beat the chill.
  • Some candles, especially ones that match the respective holiday season (first pumpkin spice, then evergreen) will fill your space with the warm scent of the holidays.
  • Thicker curtains can help your living room look more wintry, and also have the added benefit of adding an extra layer of insulation in front of your windows.

In the bedroom, focus on warmth:

  • Invest in a winter-weight comforter, or at least make sure you have plenty of blankets to layer on your bed.
  • Flannel sheets are an indulgence you might want to consider.

Your bathroom also deserves some upgrades:

  • Thicker towels (or a bathrobe) can help you stay warm during your morning routine. Bonus points if they’re holiday-themed.
  • Nothing removes the winter chill like a warm bath, and you might want to invest in some bath products to enhance your experience.

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