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DIY: Make Your Home Look Bigger

DIY: Make Your Home Look Bigger

Many people wish they had a bigger home but aren’t ready for a move immediately. Thankfully, there are some cheap, DYI things you can do to maximize the space you have on hand. Below is a list of our favorites:

1. Use Your Windows

Nothing makes a space look bigger than open windows, so if you have them, keep them uncovered by shades or curtains as much as you can.

2. Declutter

Uncluttered flat surfaces create an illusion of space. Minimize the amount of stuff on your countertops, tabletops, and floor and your rooms should instantly look larger.

3. Light paints

Light paint tricks the eye into thinking there’s more space, while dark paint makes rooms look cozier. Lighten your color palette and you’ll create the illusion of more space. Keep in mind that bright colors fall on the side of “dark” here, while pastels can be considered “light”.

4. Use multi-function furniture

Using furniture that has double purpose will let you cut down on additional clutter. Seating that can open up for storage, for example, or a bar cart that you can move from room to room, will offer you options while saving space.

5. Glass/Acrylic furniture

If it’s your dining room or living room you’d like to expand, consider purchasing a glass or acrylic dining table or coffee table. Clear furniture helps a room keep an open look and appears to the eye to take up less space.

With these five tips, you should be able to make your lodgings appear noticeably more spacious than before.

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