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Give Your Condo An Updated Look This Spring with These Design Tips

Spring is officially in the air. What better way to breathe some new life into your condo than by changing up the decor? Here are 8 design trends that are gaining popularity this year.

1.Go Tonal

Add some visual interest by using colors that are within the same tonal range, just a shade or two apart.

2. Highlight natural surfaces

Go for limestone, granite, copper, and other natural materials to add some unique texture to surfaces.

3. Try brass fixtures

After years of stainless, other metals are finally beginning to make an appearance in bathrooms and kitchens.

4. Use bold geometry

Think your place is currently kind of boring? Go for an accent wall in a geometric wallpaper or tile to add a touch of whimsy.

5. Play with the lighting

From Edison bulbs to sleek designer lamps, invest in new light fixtures to shed new light on an old space.

6. Go 70s

After a decade of mid century modern trends, design sensibilities are shifting again, and the decade to watch now is the 70s. Think: warm palettes, fun textures, laid back vibe.

7. Use shades of grey and concrete

These shades are typically used in modern spaces, but now designers are finding ways to blend them into a more natural decor.
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