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Grilling Safety in the Summer Season

The snow has finally melted. The sun shines later and later into the evening. Summer is right on the horizon. And with that, it’s time to start preparing for grilling season. This summer, you want your cookouts to be memorable for all the right reasons. Follow these few simple tips to ensure many safe summer nights out with your grill:

  • First, the placement of the grill is crucial for safety. You’ll want it five to ten feet away from your home or deck. You also don’t want to place it in the middle of foot traffic, or in any areas where children or pets might be playing.
  • When you’re spending a day out with your grill, treat it with respect. Once lit, a grill should never be left unattended. Even after you’re finished cooking, know that the grill can remain hot for an hour after use. Keep your distance and wait for it to cool sufficiently before trying to move it.
  • When it comes to grilling safety, the grill is only half of the equation. Pay close attention to food that’s left out, because it’s an open invitation for bacteria to grow. And, when food is on the grill, use on a food thermometer to ensure it is properly cooked, because color is not always a dependable indication of preparedness.
  • Keep things clean and in working order before and after using your grill to ensure it’s operating properly. Remove grease or fat buildup, and if you’re using a propane grill, check for leaks at the start of every grilling season.

At the end of the day, grilling safety is about common sense. Following a few simple tips will ensure another great, safe grilling season.

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