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How to: Give your Bedroom a Summer Makeover

There are two great reasons why summer is a great time to begin a bedroom makeover project:

  1. Painting during the winter is a hassle and a burden.
  2. Furniture goes on sale in July, as stores make room for new inventory.

So how would one go about giving their bedroom a makeover this summer?

Get Inspired
Spend a day watching HGTV. Go scrolling through Pinterest boards. Or even checkout places like Buzzfeed. Simply put: Get inspired and find ideas you’d like to reproduce.

Set a Budget
With the above point in mind, remember to be realistic. You’ll probably never have the same budget as any of the people you see on television. Before you get too far, take a good hard look at your financial situation and determine how much you can spend. And don’t forget to give yourself some wiggle room, in case you run into any unexpected issues.

Set a Timetable
Likewise, after you set your budget, set yourself a schedule. Do you know what looks worse than a dated bedroom? A bedroom that’s only half renovated. Determine what you want to accomplish and how long each task should take. One day to paint, a weekend to furniture shop, etc.

Do It
The last, and probably most difficult step: Getting down to business and actually starting a bedroom makeover. As noted at the beginning, now is the season to get started. If you let procrastination set in, before you know it, it’ll be too cold and too expensive to start.

Of course, renovating a single room is easier than an entire home renovation project. But don’t let the size of the project fool you. Be prepared going into the makeover project to make the process an enjoyable one.

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