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Indoor Gardening for Small Spaces

Gardening indoors can be a challenge, but particularly so when you’re working with limited space. Nonetheless, vendors have come up with several creative solutions for gardening in small quarters.

First, it’s worth mentioning that most potted plants can be grown indoors with adequate light and nutrition. The key to keeping potted plants inside is properly lining the base of each pot to avoid leaking onto your floors when watering the plant. Even small leaks, over long periods of time, can warp and destroy wood flooring, leaving you with a major repair.

Hydroponics and aquaponics have also recently come into popularity as a way to garden indoors in small spaces without the limitations of potted soil. The so-called “living walls”—vertical walls of plants built on a trellis, grown without soil—are a great option and take up virtually no space. They can be watered by spraying the plants with a water mist, and require virtually no other maintenance aside from the occasional trimming.

Small aquaponic kits are also increasing in popularity. Aquaponics is a symbiotic system that allows you to grow both plants and fish, using the waste of each to feed the other. For instance, fish produce waste that usually has to be cleaned from the tank to ensure the fish remain healthy; but, if the roots of plants are introduced into the same water, the plants absorb these waste compounds, leaving the fish with clean water. Aquaponic kits can grow flowers, house plants, and even edible herbs and vegetables.

For those interested in indoor gardening, Brookfield’s Root 66 Garden Shop has everything to get you started, including traditional potted plants, living walls, and aquaponic kits.

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