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Preparing Your Home for the School Year

Preparing your home for the school year

As summer’s days trickle down, it might be time to start thinking about preparing your home for the new school year. Whether it is you going to school or your children, you’ve likely let some of the usual household rules slide over the summer. Reestablishing order will help you begin the school year ready and focused.

First, begin by cleaning off your home workstation to prepare it for a new year of homework and studying. Filing away papers that you want to keep in a folder marked class name and year will help you easily find them at a later day.

As the school year will likely involve juggling schedules, you should also set up a central place in your home where everyone can see the calendar and fill in their relevant appointments. This “control station” can help everyone run their lives more efficiently and be aware of the engagements of others.

Checking up on the integrity of your home will help avoid having to do major repairs during exam season. With fall and winter approaching, you should check on all windows and outside doors to ensure the seals are in good condition and no water is coming in.  With the slightly cooler weather of late summer, you can afford to turn off the air conditioning, clean and inspect the furnace, and turn on the heat for a quick test.

Last but not least, a light version of your spring cleaning will leave your home organized and a welcome respite from those long schooldays.

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